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The Topowe Catering and Dining Experience

Topowe boutique events and catering prides itself on working closely with you to capture the essence of your event, create the perfect menu and craft a fantastic meal, no matter whether your event is a backyard pool party, corporate meet and greet, conference, intimate dinner or wedding. We are not the traditional 3 course banquet hall Menu A or B, rubber chicken caterer. 

The menus below are a guide to start the creative process towards your special event.  

Chef and owner Tobias Pohl-Weart loves working with you to create a unique one-of-a-kind menu experience by meeting with you and discussing the exact nature of your event, and being attentive to trends, tastes, dietary requirements event specific dishes.Then closely working with his team to curate and produce every component of your meal from scratch with only the finest hand selected ingredients from local farms, gatherers, producers and importers.   

Hors D'oeuvres and Special Occasion Menus