Is it Decadent or Gluttony? Or why does it even matter? The POPUP! May 31st

Topowe boutique events and catering

Blue Dinghy kitchen series in Burlington, Ontario


Our little Blue Dinghy kitchen series is all about bringing like minded fans into a community 

of the arts, music, great food, and libations come together. 

The events are produced by Topowe events but involve a long list of partners covering everything from venues 

and equipment to beer, spirits and wine, staff, musicians, chefs and every form of artist.

Each event is a geared at a unique set of multi-sensory experiences, but always maintaining a focus on fine food 

and how that brings us together. No two #BDks events are alike. 

Come with an open mind and empty tummy and allow us to guide you through our little Blue Dinghy kitchen series experience!

The Decadence or is it Gluttony popup

To celebrate our 20th popup Blue Dinghy kitchen series is going to be something very special. 

This feast will be about celebrating with the finest of foods and beverages. 

Chef Tobias Pohl-Weary has been dreaming in food about this. But this insane menu will be a secret up until it is served to you. His dreams are of DECADENCE or is it GLUTTONY? Does it matter, Sin can be so delicious! 

With ideas percolating like pastries, truffles, port, lobster, champagne, waygu beef, foie gras, scotch, scallops, honey, cognac, pork belly, organic cream, rack of lamb, morels, ice wine, maple syrup, pinot noir, duck confit, macadamia nuts, barolo, strawberries, chantilly cream, quail eggs, hollandaise, maldon salt, dark chocolate, brie, croissants, gin, mangos, this menu is going to be epic, oh and BUTTER..... cant forget butter! 

Date: Friday May 31st

Time: 7 pm till done

Location: Not telling you yet, but it will be in the Oak/Ham/Burlington area

Menu: All the decadent good bites. Wear your stretchy pants.

Beverages: Ample good drinks, imagine many glasses lined up in front of you.

Music: Yes

Happiness: Ample

$145 / guest

Get your tickets now. Seating is very limited. 

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The Blue Dinghy kitchen series experience

Check out this great video

Eat. Enjoy. Experience. Dining is about much, much more than 'just' food.