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Blue Dinghy kitchen series in Burlington, Ontario

Our little Blue Dinghy kitchen series is all about bringing like minded fans into a community 

of the arts, music, great food, and libations come together. 

The events are produced by Topowe events but involve a long list of partners covering everything from venues 

and equipment to beer, spirits and wine, staff, musicians, chefs and every form of artist.

Each event is a geared at a unique set of multi-sensory experiences, but always maintaining a focus on fine food 

and how that brings us together. No two #BDks events are alike. 

Come with an open mind and empty tummy and allow us to guide you through our little Blue Dinghy kitchen series experience!

#BDks5 to be annouced soon!

The Blue Dinghy experince at the #BDks2Finale

Check out this great video

Eat. Enjoy. Experience. Dining is about much, much more than 'just' food.